Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid-Term Notes

Hi all,

Here's what I have down concerning what will be on tomorrow's mid-term. Happy studying, ladies!

What To Study:
-handout(s) > see website
-“Understanding Readers”
-textbook chapter 7 (charts & graphs) and chapter 10
-the structure of the 2 main types of reports (evaluative & investigative)
-material from Feb. 21 lecture (research methods, audience analysis/audience matrix)

-2 or 3 parts
-part 1: short answer with choice (sentence/paragraph answers)
-part 2: revision (how-to or actually do it) OR analysis (like our first in-class assignment)

Other Notes:
-BYOP (bring your own paper)!
-2 hours to write it (should only take 1.5)
-will not directly test Tufte article

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's on the midterm?

° Midterm organization

Ø Read required articles:

§ Graphics overview – typography

§ Impact chapter 7 on charts and graphs, informal reports

§ Evaluation/investigation/status reports

§ “Aesthetics and Technique in Data Graphical Design” by Tufte

§ “Understanding Readers” by Redish

§ Impact chapter 10 resume and letter of application

§ Read class notes on Persuasion and Impact

§ Study class 6 lecture notes on “user stories/audience matrix”

Ø Midterm is separated into 2 or 3 parts

Ø One: short answer (answer 3 of 5 questions; or 5 of 7)

§ Sentences (I didn’t can’t what Jamie said about this)

§ Identify 5 things from a letter of application

Ø Two: Revision, problem solving

§ Similar to Prince William Sound assignment (in class)

Ø 60/40 split, or 50/50

Ø 1.5 hour exam, with 2 hours given

Ø Bring your own paper to the exam.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

As legend has it, Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in 6 words. His response was "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

The technical analysis assignment looks more like a riddle to me.

How much do we include in 500 words? I'm not complaining that we don't have enough to write, but what kind of detail do we need? Are the few readings on writing/graphical analysis enough to help up write something cleaver and thought-provoking?


Could you describe yourself in 6 words? I find it almost as difficult as this assignment -- Ha! -- so much to include, but to what level of detail? I'll give this a try.

Bespoke threads. Active life. Loves all.

Alas, another week will begin


I'm still awake and need to run off to sleep ... as soon as I get the last half of my lunch made.

I've had one of the busy months in my life, and no signs of slowing down. I have put some thought into the assignment (one due on Feb 21). Instead of having a nervous breakdown (joke), I'll probably email him the goods the day after or something. I'll see. I just want to get this term done!

I want to get back on the ball next weekend for this project. This whole reading week thing didn't help my situation :( but I think I see the light!

I want everyone to focus on this; in one month we should be close to finished our project. Wouldn't that be mahvelous?

I haven't kept up on my reading, but I'll try to do better.

I want to hear how everyone is. How are you? I've been trapped in my own world, deciding it would be better to try to power through this crazy busy time.

Hugs and love for everyone!