Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's on the midterm?

° Midterm organization

Ø Read required articles:

§ Graphics overview – typography

§ Impact chapter 7 on charts and graphs, informal reports

§ Evaluation/investigation/status reports

§ “Aesthetics and Technique in Data Graphical Design” by Tufte

§ “Understanding Readers” by Redish

§ Impact chapter 10 resume and letter of application

§ Read class notes on Persuasion and Impact

§ Study class 6 lecture notes on “user stories/audience matrix”

Ø Midterm is separated into 2 or 3 parts

Ø One: short answer (answer 3 of 5 questions; or 5 of 7)

§ Sentences (I didn’t can’t what Jamie said about this)

§ Identify 5 things from a letter of application

Ø Two: Revision, problem solving

§ Similar to Prince William Sound assignment (in class)

Ø 60/40 split, or 50/50

Ø 1.5 hour exam, with 2 hours given

Ø Bring your own paper to the exam.

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