Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alas, another week will begin


I'm still awake and need to run off to sleep ... as soon as I get the last half of my lunch made.

I've had one of the busy months in my life, and no signs of slowing down. I have put some thought into the assignment (one due on Feb 21). Instead of having a nervous breakdown (joke), I'll probably email him the goods the day after or something. I'll see. I just want to get this term done!

I want to get back on the ball next weekend for this project. This whole reading week thing didn't help my situation :( but I think I see the light!

I want everyone to focus on this; in one month we should be close to finished our project. Wouldn't that be mahvelous?

I haven't kept up on my reading, but I'll try to do better.

I want to hear how everyone is. How are you? I've been trapped in my own world, deciding it would be better to try to power through this crazy busy time.

Hugs and love for everyone!

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