Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid-Term Notes

Hi all,

Here's what I have down concerning what will be on tomorrow's mid-term. Happy studying, ladies!

What To Study:
-handout(s) > see website
-“Understanding Readers”
-textbook chapter 7 (charts & graphs) and chapter 10
-the structure of the 2 main types of reports (evaluative & investigative)
-material from Feb. 21 lecture (research methods, audience analysis/audience matrix)

-2 or 3 parts
-part 1: short answer with choice (sentence/paragraph answers)
-part 2: revision (how-to or actually do it) OR analysis (like our first in-class assignment)

Other Notes:
-BYOP (bring your own paper)!
-2 hours to write it (should only take 1.5)
-will not directly test Tufte article

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