Thursday, November 8, 2007

Class Cancelled!

In case you check the blog before you check your email, I just received the following from the TRAN dept:

Attention Students of TRAN 3310 3.0(En) Section B - Problems in Technical & Professional Writing

Please note that your 6:30pm class for tonight, Thursday, November 8, has been cancelled due to illness. Mrs. Sabine Lauffer, the instructor of this course will contact you to find a suitable day for a make up class before your final exam.

Aileen Rakocevic
Translation & Technical Writing Programmes


laulan said...

What a strange week?! It hasn't been a good one, that's for sure.

Arvindi said...

Thanks for letting me know Kate, that was really nice of you! Question: What's going on with the assignment then? Are we just handing it in next week?
P.S. My week was odd must be going around! (Wow, did I mention I like blogging, I can make all the lame jokes I want and get away with it.)

Kate said...

I'm not sure what's happening with the assignment. I might email it to her tonight and say that I'm going to continue to work on it throughout the week, so if it's ok to hand it in next class, please disregard this copy! I'm not sure if that's a bad idea, though...

P.S. Did you call me, Arvindi? I have a missed call but since I don't have caller ID, I don't know who it was!

Arvindi said...

I guess her second email settled that, I love how organized Sabine is.

P.S. Kate, that was me. It was nothing important, I just called to say thanks.

Prisci said...

Hey Kate thank you for the notice! you are so sweet :)

I know it has been such a weird week! oh..boy...i hope that after this storm the calm is not to far away! :S:S

... I havent recieved an email from Sabine... can anyone please update me with that? thanks much (:

By the way Kate I persnally think your letter is really good, I admire your amazing skill for this!