Friday, November 23, 2007

From your filching friend, to Prisci!

Prisci, as she is affectionately known as, is a wonderful person because she is so accepting of other's faults, for example, when I pilfered her textbook (not on purpose! I swear!).

Prisci also has talents that I'm still learning about. Did you know she can dance and performs? She was my first friend in class too! Every time I came to class I got a big Prisci bear hug (trademarked and all) that made me feel especially welcomed. She always there for you. How many times have I messaged her on gmail chat for a pick-me-up at work? Countless. Who could ask for a better friend? I love that Prisci is confident, but vulnerable, yet passionate in what she believes in. This girl will fight for fairness! At the same time, she isn't embarrassed if she doesn't know what "Mr. Smith, I think he's on crack" means, and no one expects her to! The fact that she cares more about understanding than pride is something we should all look up to.

Oh, the first time we went to the cafeteria together, she said hello to everyone there! She's got friends to spare and treats them like her family. Even her cat is awesome (Mishu is so cute it's unreal).

It's amazing how the people in our class treat each other better than most families do. To Prisci, Kate, Arvindi (and anyone else from class who may read this), I hope that next term is just as fun and fruitful as this term was. Again, just as Kate said, Priscila please write about someone else, but not me because I tagged you :) *hugs*

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Prisci said...

Thank you Linda, your sweet words have helped me in ways that you cant imagine.

It is I, that should be lucky and honored, to have each one of you call me your friend.
Someone said, that"friendship is the most fragile and beautiful treasure to behold" I agree, fragile, because it needs lots of TLC and beautiful because of all the joy it brings.

To all my ladies in trans3310: you are all treasures to behold :)