Monday, November 12, 2007

A stronghold of wordsmiths

Let's form a study group! Yes, it's that time of year. "The e-word" is around the corner. We all are busy with school/work, but if we can meet a few times before the exam, we will feel more prepared and that will lessen the stress of "the e-word".

I strongly urge all of you to comment to this post with your availability (and avoid putting the days you are unavailable).

Priscila mentioned that she wanted to meet this Wednesday, November 14 (please confirm that you wanted to meet that night).

All meetings will be posted on this blog and their minutes will follow for those who cannot attend. We probably won't have regular meetings, but we will try to meet according to our schedules for each particular week.

Hurrah! Studying is fun ... with friends and coffee/(bubble) tea/ chocolate!


laulan said...
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Kate said...

Sounds like a great plan to me! I may not be able to make many meetings, though... very tight schedule at the moment.

Kate's Availability:
-Thu, Nov. 15 before class
-Fri, Nov. 16 after 7 pm
-Sat, Nov. 17 after 6 pm
-possibly Tues, Nov. 20 (evening)
-Wednesdays (evening) are not the best for me, but I can probably make it work
-Sat, Nov. 24 (before noon)

Hope we can decide on some dates soon! :)

Prisci said...

Yeih!! Study group!!
So Up until the 29th Nov:

Most Tuesdays evenings (not the 20th)
Most Wednesdays evenings
Most Thursdays evenings
Most Fridays evenings (not 16th)
Most Saturdays evenings (Not 24th)
Most Sundays noon onwards


Prisci said...

Oh Reminder, we have the make-up class on the 20th Nov! Just so everyone knows!

laulan said...

I need to post a correction to my schedule:

Linda's availability:

Most Tuesdays (not Nov 20)
Most Fridays (not Nov 16)
Most Saturdays (not Nov 17)

I can try to meet for about 30 mins to one hour prior to class or even after class on Thursdays.

I booked up Nov 16 and 17 a long time ago. If anything changes, I'll be sure to let you know.

Arvindi said...

I'm always up for a study group!

Arvindi's Availability:
*Tuesday evenings
*Thursday evenings (either before or after class)
*Friday evenings (except November 23)
*Sunday November 25

P.S. After looking at my calendar, I'm starting to freak out a little little time left to do so many things!